The Lost Library [ePub]

by A.M. Dean

By A. M. Dean. Grade: A
A person whose only love is books, who dreams of fictional characters, and whose idea of heaven is an unending library, a book based upon some ancient long lost library that can destroy and save the whole world with the kind of knowledge it possesses, was an absolute treat. Coupled with the impressive cover and exciting back blurb, I couldn’t wait to get started with this book.
Knowledge is power and power can kill . . .
He was the keeper
Arno Holmstrand is about to die, his life cut short by an organization intent on taking all of his secrets about the one thing he has spent a lifetime guarding: the wherabouts and vast knowledge of the Library of Alexandria.
She will inherit his legacy
Emily Wess is about to have her life change beyond all recognition. One minute she is a professor of history, the next she is flying around the world deciphering clues left by her mentor Arno Holmstrand. Is she being tested?

They will kill for control
They are the Council and crave power and position. Their courruption spreads from the highest points of government to the assassins they hire to commit their crimes.They will kill for the ancient knowledge contained in the Library. And Emily Wess has exactly what they want.

Emily Wess has everything in her life: an interesting job, nice colleagues, close friends, an even closer-knit family, and a fiancee who happens to love her every much. Everything except adventure, something she has had a craving for since childhood but never got enough of. Unfortunately for her, she is a history professor, and adventures are hard to come by. However, one day this changes. One of her colleagues Arno Holmstrand, is found murdered. This murder leads Emily intothe depths of an adventure which she had never even dreamt of.
The identity of the victim in itself is peculiar. Arno Holmstrand is a world renowned personality, known for his great achievements in history, and has immense knowledge and experience of the world around. A man who had hardly talked to his colleague Emily leaves her messages and codes to decipher in order to find the Library of Alexandria.
This Library of Alexandria was thought to have been founded under Ptolemy Philadelphius of Egypt, also called Ptolemy the Second, at a small scale to store scrolls. The Library gradually grew to contain a capacity of about 8 million copies. It stored enough information to destroy and save the world. Because of this, a lot of people keen on ruling the world stormed heaven and earth to look for it. Following its very well-developed instinct of self-preservation, the library vanished from the surface of the earth. Nobody knows what happened to it. This is the exact unsolved mystery Arno Holmstrand claims to know the answer of. Not only the information about what happened to it, but also the fact that the Library still exists and only he knows where it is. It is now up to Emily to leave everything behind for the quest to find the Library, before men with more things at stake than her do.

The plot is interesting and very well planned. The quest is difficult and long, but there are clues planted cleverly almost everywhere, something you spot only when you re-read the book. The characters are deftly etched and the exact details are provided.
Having said that,I couldn’t understand why Emily was chosen as the Keeper. She is a regular, mature, intelligent and sensible woman, but that’s it.Compared with the last Keeper Arno, Emily doesn’t even come close in terms of her affection or loyalty towards the Library. Arno, Athanasius and other members of the society are all ready to die or be tortured slowly before revealing a thing about the Library, but when faced with a gun Emily gladly spills the beans so that she could get back safely to her fiancee. Though her reasoning was understandable, her lack of loyalty towards the Library made me question fact about her being declared The Keeper.
Overall, this was a great effort by an author who has a potential for reaching higher. I’ll be looking for more books by you, Mr. Dean!

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