Forgetful Freddie [ePub]

by Justin Summerville

First of all, I don't want to forget to mention that this book was sent to me through the goodreads giveaway program. The author sent me this book through goodreads with a very nice letter asking me to read his book and then review it here.

Mr. Summerville, I applaud your courage on taking on such a daunting task. Children's books are difficult to write. Not only must they capture a child's attention, they must also be concise without being dull or empty. I would like to say that you completely accomplished your task, however, "Forgetful Freddie" could use some more editing. The lack of transitions keep this book from flowing smoothly and the somewhat dismal storyline is something I wouldn't want to expose my kids to. First of all, I live in the great Northwest where road kill is abundant. Most kids know that if a squirrel gets hit by a car, the squirrel isn't going to come out the winner. Second, this book is called "Forgetful Freddie", however, Freddie isn't just forgetful, he is careless. This book seems to imply that his careless actions are okay. That is not a lesson I want my children to learn. I would suggest that you rework your original concept (you're not that far off), add a little to the story line (the book is just a little short-kids can handle more than one line a page) and possibly get a little more detailed with the illustrations. I know that when I read books to kids they always pull out the ones with the illustrations they can look at again and again. Make the illustrations count. Thank you so much for sharing your work with me. I know it can be hard to put yourself out there!



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