The Danger Down Under [ePub]

by Kris Langman

Anne Lambert thought that a three-month programming assignment in Sydney would be a blast. Lazy weekends lying on white sand beaches, refreshing dips in the ocean, barbeques on the terrace of her company-paid-for condo overlooking the Tasman Sea. But her idyllic overseas assignment is shattered when a co-worker throws himself off the roof of their company's forty-story skyscraper in downtown Sydney. His body is found still clutching an environmental protest sign.

Anne finds herself targeted by the same tree-hugging group he belonged to. Their goal is to stop all mining operations in Australia, and they don't care who they have to hurt to achieve it. At first sympathetic to the groups' mission to control pollution in the Australian Outback, Anne befriends one of their members, only to find herself drawn deeper and deeper into a web of blackmail, greed, and deceit which stretches from the deserts of Western Australia to the glittering hub of Sydney's financial district.



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