The Paths of Glory [ePub]

by Robert H. Brown

The Paths of Glory is the third and final volume of a trilogy that began with to seek a newer world and continued with the second volume, remembrance of things past. In the paths of glory, Doe Duvalier Teah sets in motion a chain of events as terrifying as they are unpredictable. He loses two times in a presidential election won by Dr. Felix Kamara. Teah and his accomplices attack the cruise liner in which president Felix Kamara and his entourage are holidaying. He hates president Kamara as much as he admires him. Captain Derek Wilson, the key witness, is called in to a case which promises to be as sensitive as it is intriguing. At a trial, Teah and his accomplices are found guilty of murder, sedition and high treason. Consequently, they are condemned to death. In this streamlined novel, Dr. Robert h. Brown exposes the darker recesses of a criminal’s mindset, which have long lain hidden beneath a veneer of a prosperous gentility.



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