Love Pistols, Volume 2 [ePub]

by Tarako Kotobuki

Shock twist: Love Pistols remains both ridiculous and terrible. I love it sooooooo. As with my review (so called) of volume one, the stars are not indicative of quality.

I'm going to be honest, if volume one hadn't shifted focus to Shiro and his relationship with Yonekuni, then carried over into another volume entirely, I probably wouldn't have stuck with this series. Yonekuni's emotional retardation matched with Shiro's inherent likeability combined with secret longing, that most basic of romantic tropes, hooked me right in the part of my brain that's a sucker for exactly this sort of thing.

It's still hella bad, though.

Why You Should Not Read This Volume of Love Pistols:

1) Oh my God there is like a ridiculous amount of rape in this thing. Seriously, I am not even kidding. And yet I still enjoy Teruhiko and Joshua's story...? I think it's because the denoument is actually really touching, in a bizarre and unsettling way, and also Joshua is one incredibly adorable little kid. But seriously, what is wrong with me.

2) I find the womb worm stuff hilarious, like, laugh out loud until I cry hilarious, a matter only exacerbated by Kotobuki insistently utilizing womb worms not for comedy but drama. But the fact that dudes can insert parasites into their rectums to grow an artificial womb thus enabling them to conceive and carry an infant to term - well, it's not exactly something I would use to recommend the series unless I happened to be recommending it to someone with a similar sense of humor or a deep and powerful love of mpreg. You know who you are.

3) I hate how all the romantic heroes in this series are pushy jerks. I hate that when a dude says he's going to rape another dude (the exact phrase: "I'm going to flood you all night long") Kotobuki clearly expects the audience to get all squirmy. What? That's gross.

4) The unrelated bonus story creeps me out so bad, you guys. Like, I'm genuinely upset there isn't a page to separate the final page of the main story from The Cursed Lamp, so no matter how I careful I am, I have to acknowledge its existence. So creepy!

5) Still terrible.

I do love Yonekuni and Shiro kind of a lot, though. Sigh! (This is a sigh of shame. To clarify.)



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