Eency Weency Spider [With Musical Sound Chip] [ePub]

by Margaret Wang

Eency Weency Spider is a children's picture book intended for nursery or primary readers. This book follows the song the Itsy Bitsy Spider and it can be read or sung as you read it. It is about an eency weency spider that tries her best to get up the waterspout. Other spiders in the book make it up the waterspout but the eency weency spider just couldn't do it. With determination she makes it up the spout!
I rated this book four stars because it was a very motivational book to read and children may find encouragement in themselves after reading it.The colors in the book are very cheery and colorful, which I think children would enjoy. There are many activities that the spiders participate in throughout the book, for instance they skateboard and bike ride, and children will take interest in these themes.I found that it was easier to sing along with the text instead of just reading it. I feel that children would find this book appealing because you can sing along with the text in the book. Most children are aware of the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and they quite enjoy it.



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