Conquest of a Fairy [ePub]

by Marie Haynes

What's a half-fairy/half-mortal twenty year old girl to do? For Saoirse, the choice is simple – go to the world of the mortals and have a lovely adventure. What she didn't count on, though, was becoming possessed by the Lianhan Sidhe, the same love fairy who took possession of her mother.

Once the Love Sidhe gains control of a fairy, the poor fairy has no choice but to seduce the first man who comes along. If the man succumbs, as Saoirse's father did, he is doomed to death, but if he resists, the possessed fairy becomes his slave. Luckily for Saoirse, the first man she comes across is Angus – a strong-willed Irishman who will do anything to drive the Sidhe out of Saoirse.

What's the mother of a half-fairy/half-mortal girl to do when her only child is trapped by the same powerful Sidhe she once was? Having travelled the same road, perhaps Morganna can help her daughter exorcise the Lianhan Sidhe. What she didn't count on, though, was meeting Pat, the brother of her first love.

Pat likes a woman who knows her place and is willing to enforce his expectations with sound discipline when needed!



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