Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse [ePub]

by Thornton W. Burgess

My 7 yr old gave these books a 5. I agree. "His books are awesome' she says.I liked the way morals were told in an entertaining way. I bet my daughter didn't feel she was being moralized at because she wanted to hear the whole book. I've tried others that had a distinct 'moral' or 'value' and she hates it.(Books that go ... is thankful or ... learns to be honest. blah.

Burgess books are interesting entertaining and a good read. Hopefully the little lessons learned by the animals were also learned and put away in the back of my daughter's mind!

But if not, that's ok. A book is meant to entertain and if it did that, that works for me.

They are a little 'old-fashioned' meaning the sun is called:Mr. round red jolly sun,the wind is Old Mother West Wind, a breeze is One of Mother West Wind's Children, the Merry Little Breezes etc.Quaint and not exactly science but endearing nonetheless.But other than that these books are science in story form.The stories are about real life things that frogs or bears or skunks do or could do.Unlike most books with animals as main characters where they learn to ride bikes, win the spelling bee at school etc.Beginning animal lore for young children. Or budding animal lovers.

If you miss any of these from your local library they are also on Gutenberg's free books site.

Personally I think that these should be re-released with new covers so kids will read them again.

The books themselves:

Danny Meadow Mouse: Danny gets upset because he has a short tail. He also gets caught by Hooty the Owl, who wants him for dinner.

Morals/ values/ lessonsintertwined in the book: greed, anger, envy, kindness, friendship, look before you leap.

Grandfather Frog:He decides it's time for him to see more of the world.A little risk keeps life exciting.He has some exciting adventures before discovering 'there's no place like home'.

Morals/ values/ lessonsintertwined in the book: greed, mischieviousness, thoughtlessness, patience.

Buster Bear:Buster moves to the Green woods. This doesn't please the other animals because he takes 'their' fish, and they are frightened of him.But when the animals find out that Farmer Brown's Boy is afraid of Buster, they look at him with new eyes...until they find out the next personality trait Buster shows.

Morals/ values/ lessonsintertwined in the book:temper, newfriends come to the neighborhood.

Old Mother West Wind: A group of stories with Mother West Wind or her Little Breezes helping the animals of the Meadow and forest. A couple of 'how the xxx got/ lost zzz' stories also that were quite entertaining.

Morals/ values/ lessons intertwined in the book: vanity, friendship, contentment, helpfulness.

Old Man Coyote: Something is making a new sound in the Green Meadows/ Green Forest. The animals don't know what it could be. When it is discovered who has moved in, Granny Fox is determined to oust them from HER feeding grounds. Granny is in for a surprise because this stranger isn't easy to fool.

Morals/ values/ lessons intertwined in the book: courage, resisting temptation, good planning.



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