Bristol Speedway [ePub]

by David Woods

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Bristol Bulldogs, a name to conjure with for all speedway fans, even though their throaty roar hasn’t been heard since 1978. Riders of the calibre of Mike Beddoe, Dick Bradley, Bill Clibbett, Eric Collins, Phil Crump, Roy Dook, Steve Gresham, Phil Herne, Billy Hole, Tormod Langli, Fred Leavis, Cordy Milne, Jack Mountford, Olle Nygren, Geoff Pymar, Trevor Redmond, Harry Shepherd, Bert Spencer and Fred Tuck wore the Bulldogs’ colours. A rich and colourful history unfolds within the pages of this book.

Author David Woods first visited Knowle Stadium during the late 1940s for the Sports Days of Knowle Park Junior Mixed School. However, it wasn’t until 1959 that he went to watch the speedway. A regular in 1959 and 1960, he was saddened by the sale of the Stadium in January 1961. It would be a treat to see the Bulldogs in action again.



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