Inside the Minds [ePub]

by Aspatore Books

Inside the Minds: Career Empowerment is the most authoritative book ever written on the essentials behind assessing one's skills, optimizing one's potential and finding the right career. Featuring Presidents, CEOs and the like, from some of the country's leading executive search firms who have each contributed chapters akin to objective, experience-related white papers on the core issues surrounding success and personal fulfillment in a competitive job market, spanning a multitude of industries. In an over-arching as well as in-depth presentation of the fundamentals, authors articulate the unspoken rules and the important issues facing any job-seeker, employer or individual looking to make a transition now, and what will hold true into the future. From the essential interview questions to ask, to tips for gauging a potential fit, this title pulls readers through all facets of the job search process, from beginning to end. The different niches represented and the various perspectives presented enable readers to really get inside the great minds of recruiting and glean practical advice, as the experts go back to basics in a must-read for anyone interested in the fundamentals of sound career decision-making.



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