The Mersey Sound [ePub]

by Adrian Henri

Roger McGough's writing is the clear highlight and worth the allotted stars alone despite it all being a tad too wistful and hyperbolic in its delivery and channeling of everyday melancholy. Even in self aware satirical poems, the work just seems too over done, too worldly in it's reach and deterministic in it's thinking. Despite this, it's still full of enjoyable poems but the reputation and status it has acquired isn't deserved. The 'beat' influence is felt mainly in the type of references that the poets make and the dedications to the likes of Allen Ginsberg. However, many of the poems produced merely imitated 'jazz poetry' that would seem fairly uninspired were it to come from the likes of Gregory Corso. Throughout the book, I couldn't fully immerse myself because of cliched poetic zealousness or ridiculous abstract images which don't convey anything as deep as what was clearly intended. For example Henri's poem "I want to Paint" features the opening line:

"I want to paint
2000 dead birds crucified on a background of night
Thought that lie too deep for tears"

and other examples such as in "Without You":

"Without you every musician in the world would forget how to play the blues"



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