Life in a Coral Reef [ePub]

by Wendy Pfeffer

The additional information at the end of the book (Fun Facts, Coral Reefs in Trouble!, and Famous Coral Reefs) actually are what brought up this 3 ½ star book from 3 to 4 rated stars for me.

I love Steve Jenkins's art, and it’s lovely here too, but yet I felt disappointed. Given the glorious beauty of coral reefs, I was expecting even more from the depictions by this artist.

The author’s account is interesting enough, but not scintillating. A warning for the easily scared or squeamish: the food chain in the coral reef, and the dangers the reefs suffer are covered. Some of the drawings and their accompanying description could be rather frightening for small children or others who are sensitive. But, I think the information imparted is doing a great service; hopefully, readers will care more about coral reefs, have a better understanding of their importance, and doing whatever they can to protect them.



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