Poisonous Creatures [ePub]

by Nathan Aaseng

This informational book focuses on the different poisonous creatures of the world. It begins with the description of poison and how it affects humans. It also lists several characteristics common to poisons creatures, such as bright coloration. First the book addresses poisonous sea creatures, such as jellyfish and polyps. Next the book talks about poisonous mollusks such as octopi and cone shells. Fish are next in the book, including scorpion fish and stingrays. Here the book takes a turn and focuses on land animals. It starts the section with spiders, scorpions, and centipedes. Next are insects, including bees and even some butterflies that are deadly. The next section focuses entirely on snakes. It includes the types, coloration, venom, and effects of the poison. The final section includes a miscellaneous section of poisonous animals including amphibians and mammals. The conclusion talks about anti-venom that is used to save lives.



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