Taming Jane [ePub]

by Monica Austin

Jane is a high-powered executive who is used to getting her way. She’s worked hard to get where she’s at, and she didn’t get there by letting anyone tell her what to do. Today has been a disaster for her - she has to go out of town on some unpleasant business, she broke the heel of her most expensive shoes, her office is full of idiots, an important business deal has gone bad - and as if that was not enough, now her favorite, most trusted chauffeur, Curtis, has unexpectedly taken the day off.

Enter Mr. Darcy, Curtis’ replacement for the day - he is charged with driving the high-strung, bossy, over-worked Jane to an out of the way town for a meeting. He watches her wheeling and dealing in the back seat as he drives, and she is oblivious to the world around her. The gorgeous sights of woods, flowers and wildlife slide by her unnoticed.

When Jane goes too far and insults the handsome Mr. Darcy, he stops the car on a deserted roadway and locks Jane in the car to fume and to teach her a lesson. When Jane injures herself, Darcy assists her and a simple, caring touch leads to something much more.

Mr. Darcy uses his strong and gentle way to show Jane can’t control every situation, and that when she lets go, she can experience the ultimate in sensation and pleasure.



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