Healthy Juicing Recipes Kids Will Love - 19 Juicing Recipes for Kids and the Kids at Heart [ePub]

by Lisa Kelly

JUICING is FUN no matter your age!

This juicing recipe book was written with one person in mind — your kid and the kid in you. (Well, that might have been to persons technically.) :D

I have compiled 19 of my own juice recipes that will help you provide for your kids a healthier option to the not-so-fun junk drinks available in stores today.

Never be out of juicing ideas when preparing juice for yourself or for a loved family member EVER.

I have included recipes for fruity-tutti combos, vegan juices, rainbow juices and smoothies which contain ingredients with the most vitamins and minerals for your kid's optimum health.

So whether you are juicing just for fun or you are teaching your kid to eat healthy early on in life, these juice recipes are for you!



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