Scottish History for Dummies [ePub]

by William Knox

Explore the fascinating history of Scotland in an easy-to-read guideWant to discover how a small country on the edge of Northern Europe packs an almighty historical punch? "Scottish History For Dummies" is your guide to the story of Scotland and its place within the historical narratives of Britain, Europe and the rest of the world. You'll find out how Scotland rose from the ashes to forge its own destiny, understand the impact of Scottish historical figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and David Hume and be introduced to the wonderful world of Celtic religion, architecture and monuments.

History can help us make connections with people and events, and it gives us an understanding of why the world is like it is today. "Scottish History For Dummies" pulls back the curtain on how the story of Scotland has shaped the world far beyond its borders. From its turbulent past to the present day, this informative guide sheds a new and timely light on the story of Scotland and its people.Dig into a wealth of fascinating facts on the Stone, Bronze and Iron agesGet to know how Scotland was built into an industrial economy by inventors, explorers and missionariesDiscover the impact of the world wars on Scotland and how the country has responded to challenges created by themFind up-to-the-minute information on Scotland's referendum on independence

If you're a lifelong learner looking for a fun, factual exploration of the grand scope of Scotland or a traveler wanting to make the most of your trip to this captivating country, "Scottish History For Dummies" has you covered.



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