Bitka u zlatnoj dolini (Pionirska trilogija, #3) [ePub]

by Branko Ćopić

Branko Ćopić (Cyrillic: ?????? ?????; January 1, 1915 – March 26, 1984) was a Serbian and Yugoslav writer. He was an ethnic Serb born in the village of Hašani near Bosanska Krupa. He attended schools in Bihać, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Karlovac before moving to Belgrade to study philosophy at the University of Belgrade until his graduation in 1940.

Upon the uprising in the Bosanska Krajina in 1941, he joined the Partizans and remained in their ranks until the end of World War II. That period of his life influenced much of his literary work as can be seen by the themes he later writes about. Athe the end of the war he returned to Belgrade where he was, until 1949, the director of a children's magazine called "Pioniri". From 1951 until his death he was a professional writer.

His books have been translated into Albanian, Czech, English, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, German, French, and Russian, and some of them have been turned into TV series and feature-films.

He committed suicide on March 26, 1984 in Belgrade by jumping off of Branko's Bridge (named after Branko Radičević) into the Sava river.



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