Blood Stream [ePub]

by M.D. Bowden

Humans are no-longer in control. The Earth is ruled by another species. Vampires.

Abbi must find her place in this new world.

Praise for M.D. Bowden’s books:

"I continue to be impressed with authors who take on the paranormal genre and insert true originality into their novels. Count M.D. Bowden among them." -Jane Hoagland

"A Great Story............ and written by a British author. . . . This was so fluently written it kept me gripped in its thrall from beginning to end. . . . Highly recommended." -Pyewacket (UK TOP 500 REVIEWER and VINE VOICE)

"How many different words are there for amazing? I can't think right now. This story was fabulously written. I loved it. Plain and simple." -ShadowsFiction

"Vampires, if u like them, this is the book for you. This book is crazy nuts...I loved it. . . . Its a must read" -Susan Montgomery

"Enthralling. Beautifully written full of action, romance and suspense." -LUV

"Amazing ! !! . . . The reading corner gave it a strong 5 stars" -jacquelyn smith

"Great read . . . love the main characters and the story line. Just couldn't put the book down." -Jessica Ayers

"This book was spell binding, very difficult to put down." -helen



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