Aneas, Prince of Dragons - an action adventure fantasy [ePub]

by James Collins

Aneas, an Elfin boy, has to find and set free a vast treasure that belongs to his people, the Neiblings. Four nutty kids accompany Aneas on his treacherous journey, while evading evil forces bent on stopping him.


It flapped it’s massive wings, once, twice, it’s immense bulk rising incredibly with each powerful flap. It’s heft would pull it, naturally, toward earth, but the wings would flap again - a slow, folding wave that ran from front to back - allowing it to slowly lift again. Hovering up and down like that, the dragon turned her gaze sharply toward the gunships high above. The aircraft, like black spiders suspended in the sky, were facing the dragon. A series of white flashes materialized just below each chopper. The dragon flapped those mighty wings and rose quickly, as six sidewinder missiles converged in the spot she had just vacated, and lit up the river with a great conflagration.
“Guys,” Aneas said. “I say we get outta here. Now.”
Nadia kicked at the broken windshield, shattering it.
The kids proceeded to crawl out.
Up in the air, the dragon was flapping her wings with vigor and climbing quickly, aiming for the closest gray chopper. The gunship fired off four Mistrals, two at a time, the dragon swerving and dodging each, and continuing straight at it. The chopper banked to the left, and took off. The dragon gave chase, each powerful flap of her wings
drawing her closer and closer.
The other two gunships tried to intervene. The second gray one got behind the dragon and opened up with it’s chain gun. Raining hellfire, the murderous sparks trailed into the back of the dragon. And the creature took notice. She spread her wings suddenly, braking her momentum, and turned to face the chopper that had done the firing. This chopper tilted back to brake, and dropped to it’s right. The dragon started toward it and the chopper swerved hard, trying to get away. The dragon flapped those massive wings twice and, reaching the aircraft, placed giant claws at it’s rotor mount, like a hawk catching a fish. The rotating airfoils disintegrated against the dragon’s limbs, and she lifted the chopper and flung it against the cliff-side. The aircraft impacted the rocks and tumbled down to the riverbank without exploding.



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