The Healing Road [ePub]

by Harvey Wasserman

Based on lectures given in Galway in 1994, The Healing Road became an Irish best-seller in 1995, and has been a quiet seller since then as word of its value has spread from reader to reader. A self-help book based on Dr. Wasserman's decades of experience as a psychiatristpsychotherapist, this 2012 edition is published with only minor changes from the original.

"In The Healing Road, Harvey Wasserman brings us on a journey into the very centre of the human psyche - a journey into forgotten parts of our own heart and soul. It is a book of internal pilgrimage, a book naming the wonder and miracle of unconditional love." ~ Colin Morrison

"This book is positive in a practical way - it isn't just theory, rather it knits theory and practicality. It is a quiet book that will seep into your life and shine new light into promising corners." ~ John Mackenna

Harvey Wasserman, a New Yorker by birth, graduated from Queens College of New York City with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. He completed his psychiatric training at the Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas, where he was awarded a Fellowship in Psychiatry. In addition to 36 years in the private practice of psychiatry, he served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University College of Medicine from 1966 to 1981, and was Director of Education and Training at one of the Medical School teaching and research hospitals. He has studied many forms of psychotherapy and healing, from bioenergetic analysis to traditional Chinese medicine, and has had contact with tribal peoples and native healers all over the world. He lives in the Burren in Co Clare, Ireland, and practices psychotherapy in Galway. His website is:



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