Return To Sky Raven (Enchanters Of Xarparion, #2) [ePub]

by T. Michael Ford

Xarparion is no more; most of the hallowed towers of the mage academy are lifeless and broken. Alex, Maya, Nia - the pixie, and Rosa are all that remain to lead the shattered survivors through the undead-controlled wilderness in search of a new home.

They need food, shelter, and safety in a world where the lich’s minions far outnumber the living. And every day the need to find answers grows. Who are Alex’s mysterious parents? Is there any way to make a stand against the undead horde or is all life on the planet doomed? More importantly, is it simple destiny guiding Alex and his small band of friends or something bigger, many millennia in the making? All this, while dealing with the horrors and wonders of their new lives, new adventures, new friends, and powerful enemies.

At the end, the only real truth everyone can agree on is…no one said being a hero was easy!



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