An Appetite for Revenge (Sarah Woods Mystery 7) [ePub]

by Jennifer L. Jennings

Jealousy, Blackmail, Revenge
Sarah Woods, a rookie private eye from New Hampshire, decides to visit her boyfriend in Florida, for a much needed respite from the cold. The only problem is, Max's ex-girlfriend — Jennifer Healy — works for the client. Sarah tries to convince herself that Max and Jennifer are simply friends, but can't help feeling suspicious.
While Max is busy working on a project, Sarah plans to spend her days lounging on the beach. However, on the night of her arrival, Max's client, millionaire Dennis Foster has a heart attack. No big surprise considering the man is a chain smoker with high blood pressure.
Dennis's widow may or may not be distraught over her husband's death, but she wants to hire Sarah to help with a personal matter that involves sex and blackmail.
Carter agrees to make the trip to help Sarah with the investigation.
However things go dreadfully wrong when Carter makes an attempt to engage with a violent suspect, and must pay the consequences for his misjudgement.



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