Further Brawn [ePub]

by Stuart McRobert

The answers in this book to over 230 questions will show you how to build a terrific drug-free and healthy physique. The answers revealed inside will show you the following: - How to train more efficiently, effectively and productively- How to apply "The Golden Fleece" to your training, for relentless progress- How to enhance your recovery system so you can improve your rate of growth- How to satisfy your nutritional needs more effectively, to hasten your progress- How to have more time out of the gym while actually improving your gains in it- How to resist the siren calls of mainstream propaganda, and stay on the path to success- How to stay motivated and train safely and productively for a lifetime- How to take charge of your physique and achieve your exercise-related goalsBy acknowledging your individuality, this book teaches you how to train yourself. Become your own expert personal trainer! Apply what you learn and success will follow.



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