Kids' Guide to Pranks, Tricks, and Practical Jokes [ePub]

by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt, a military brat,graduated from the University of Texas (Hook 'em, Horns!!) and has the framed diploma to prove it, though she can't quite remember where she put it.

Ah, UT: Beautiful buildings, beautiful people, beautiful cars. But, with 50,000 students, it's an easy place in which to lose your soul. Sheri's fondest memories?

The stench of pigeon poop, (oh so pungent after an Austin rain), a firm bum courtesy of the long haul between classrooms, and the time she wore a "Jesus Saves" T-Shirt to class and droves of students parted before her like the Red Sea.

Sheri used to have a "real" job, but these days she's an award-winning magazine writer and editor. She also writes books for kids. Her latest, a picture book illustrated by the fabulous David Slonim, is about a very James Bondish Tooth Fairy. The publisher is Chronicle Books, her wonderful editor, Susan Pearson.

Sheri wrote the book after the Tooth Fairy made a late night appearance, during which she demanded that Sheri set the record straight. "I'm a technology chick," Sheri swears the Tooth Fairy declared. "The whole fairy dust thing is soooo old school."

Sheri's first middle-grade novel, about a kid who'd rather live anywhere but thejunk lot he calls home, is currently with her agent. To read a bit of the novel, click here. If you're an editor, please, please, please talk to her agent.

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