Wonders Of The World [ePub]

by Mark Truman

Opening this hard back is like opening the world, a brief atlas is on the inside cover and has small circled numbers which show where in the world those particular wonders are. I like this as you know which area in a country a particular wonder is.

The contents page is set out in the name of the wonders of the world, there is no heading to illustrate where in the world these wonders are. This is something I fell the book would have benefited from, as unless you are familiar with these you would struggle to place some of the wonders.As you begin to turn the pages, you do see that the wonders are in particular continents and they are grouped together.

I am not sure what made these particular areas of interest wonders, some are very famous and as you would expect. Others however leave you feeling why were they included, as there are perhaps wonders which are a more obvious choice.

Each page includes a high quality colour image, along with information on the location and then more in depth information on the actual wonder. At the bottom of each page there is a mini fact about this wonder. I thought that, that was a nice feature of the book.

This book is for someone who has read all of the famous wonders and is looking for something a little different. There are wonders I had never heard of before, which was a nice discovery. This book though has not been one of the best that I have read, but does make a nice addition to the travel bookshelf.



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