Don't Cry for Yesterday [ePub]

by Deborah Kent

"Shattered Dreams"She has big talent to go with her dreams, but in a moment of recklessness, Amber Novak's life is changed forever. Suddenly, her life as a singer with a newly formed rock band seems impossible. A date with hunky Eric Moore ended in a car crash, and Amber will never walk again.

Amber only remembers her rage at Eric, her feelings of helplessness and despair. But when she begins rehab at Hamilton Hospital, she meets others who understand her pain. Instead of dates and rehearsals, she's talking to other kids with real problems, discussing overprotective parents and worrying about going home...

But nothing can prepare her for reality. At school there's no place for a student in a wheelchair. Her friends don't know how to treat her. She can't seem to let Eric prove he cares. Her dreams have never seemed farther away. How can she find the courage to rebuild her life and dare to dream again?



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