Backstage Prince, Vol. 2 (Backstage Prince, #2) [ePub]

by Kanoko Sakurakouji

O the drama of shojo. Akari continues her backstage romance with Ryusei, keeping up the appearance that she's only an assistant whenever paparazzi show up. They have ups, they have downs, their relation ship is in pretty much the same position at this volume's end as in the beginning.

The main suprise in this book is that Naoki, a talented but unconnected kabuki actor with a crush on Akari, is adopted by one of the high families so that he can act in major roles on stage. As soon as word leaks out, Naoki declares his intent to pursue Akari and win her away from Ryusei.

While most of this is straitforward shojo revolutions, there's just one niggling question in the back of my mind: Is Naoki only interested in Akari because taking her away from Ryusei would destroy his main competitor?



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