Kid Poems! [ePub]

by Yaritza Garcia

This book has many different types of poems which are a great deal of fun to read. The poems relate to all different things from best friends to one's toes! There are poems in here for children of different ages.

It can be used with Key Stage One to show rhyming patterns in phonics. It can also be a fun way of interesting children to read by making them realise books do not always have just stories written in them or just pictures drawn. It can also be used with Key Stage Two in the topic of poems to explore the features of various poems.

There are simpler and easier poems that can be explained to children and written by children and a few more trickier ones to understand and compose. Thus this book has useful resources for differentiation.

It can be used in Art by reading a poem out to the children and asking them to draw a picture related to the poem. This will encourage imaginative drawing and for lower ability pupils you can give them something more specific to draw that is still related to the poem.



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