Million Dollar Outlines [ePub]

by David Farland

David Farland has taught dozens of other writers who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (middle-grade), Brandon Sanderson (fantasy), James Dashner (young adult) and Stephenie Meyer (young adult).

Along the way, Dave helps writers learn how to outline books and screenplays so that they will have a huge audience appeal. This is a key to raising your work from just being a commercial book or movie to becoming a bestseller.

Dave has trained authors in conjunction with his role as coordinating judge of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Program, as a creative writing instructor at Brigham Young University, and he has honed his skills in dozens of writing seminars and classes.

In this eBook, Dave teaches new writers the basics of how to analyze an audience, and outline, draft, and polish a novel.

The secrets found in his unconventional approach will help you understand why so many of his authors go on to prominence.



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