Prince of Magic (Children of the Sun, #1) [ePub]

by Linda Winstead Jones

Just finished Prince of Magic (★★★★) by Linda Winstead Jones. It's listed as the first book in the Children of the Sun trilogy, but since this trilogy is a continuation of the Fyne Witches trilogy, it's almost the fourth book in the series instead. I read & enjoyed the Fyne Witches trilogy in 2006 and enjoyed it enough that I bought Prince of Magic in early 2007, but that's around the time I moved into vampire/werewolf PNR and Prince of Magic has been sitting on my TBR shelf since then.

The book begins about 25 years after Fyne Witch series ends, with Ariana the eldest daughter of the Sun Witch - a healer and a witch in her own right. Ariana is court healer for a dying king and suddenly finds herself thrown into the center of a war based on a prophecy brought to the king's attention by Sian Chamblyn, a powerful enchanter.

I give the book 4 stars based on the complexity of the world Winstead has created, the depth to which I find myself caring about both Ariana & Sian, as well as the outcome of the story. There's good character development, too. It's a little disappointing that the story doesn't quite wrap up at the end as it's continued in the second (fifth?) book in the series, The Fire King, which is why it got four instead of five stars



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