International Political Economy [ePub]

by Nicola Phillips

The book gathers together a set of lively, provocative essays by leading voices in International Political Economy to debate the evolution of the field, its current state and its future directions.

Prompted by recent commentaries on the existence of a transatlantic divide in IPE between an American school and a British school, the essays provide a wide-ranging discussion of whether it is useful to think of the field in these terms, what the American and British schools look like, what their achievements and shortcomings are, and what are the desirable future directions for IPE scholarship. The diverse responses to these questions reflect the ongoing vibrancy and diversity of the field of IPE, and open up an imaginative and engaging discussion about where we need to go from here.

Featuring contributions from the most influential scholars in the field from North America, Canada and the UK, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the cutting edge debates in contemporary international political economy.



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