Hidden Passions [ePub]

by Tabitha Lenox

Welcome to Harmony...

A dreamy New England Coastal town, filled with cobblestone streets, charming colonial homes ... and tumultuous secrets that threaten to tear its families apart. Only Tabitha Lenox knows the intimate details of all their stories. Most of Harmony thinks Tabitha is a "harmless eccentric." But she‘s really an irrepressible sorceress of darkness who‘s been causing the town cauldrons of trouble even before Prudence Standish accused her of witchcraft in 1693 (and Tabitha certainly hasn‘t forgotten!). Based on her secret diaries, Hidden Passions turns back the clock more than twenty years to expose the deepest, darkest secrets of the town‘s most upstanding men and women. Shocking secrets. Sizzling secrets. Shattering secrets. They‘re all here...and more. Enter Harmony, but be very careful if you should encounter a mysterious woman carrying a doll. As she‘s done with Harmony townsfolk for hundreds of years, she may very well look into your heart to see what you truly desire and grant it...for a terribly high price.



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