Fairy Tail, Vol. 07 (Fairy Tail, #7) [ePub]

by Hiro Mashima

This is one of those guilty pleasure fan service things that I’m not entirely sure why I read other than I like some of the characters but not really the one I’m supposed to like, such as the lead, Lucy (who spends all of her time doubting herself or getting kidnapped.) Sure enough Lucy gets kidnapped. It turns out all the attacks against the Fairy Tail guild were because Lucy’s very wealthy father wants her back.

Even after she does get free, the attacks continue and all of Fairy Tail sets out to keep her from being returned home where she doesn’t want to go. We finally get to see other Fairy Tail members other than Gray, Natsu and Erza do some magic. Apparently all the other women besides Lucy are strong fighters so that should make some people happy and the fan service gives us lots of bare chested men and women with impossibly large breasts so it evens out a bit. It’s mindless fluff mostly but I enjoy it. Unfortunately for Lucy by the end, she has earned herself another jealous foe who mistakenly thinks Gray is Lucy’s boyfriend. By this late date of a volume, you’ll have already made your decision if you like reading this. It won’t be for everyone but if you like a little action, humor, magic and fan service you’ll probably be happy with it.



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