Wrangled Hearts [ePub]

by T.D. Jones

Clara Rhodeslives the life small town girls dream of. At the age of seventeen she left her family's farm in Texas and went to New York to make her fame and fortune. Now she is the star of Sunset Rose, the popular soap opera, and adored by millions of fans.
But when she finds out her beloved father is dying of cancer, she decides to leave the show and go home to be with him. She expected life back in Pickett to be boring, but on her very first day, before she'd even reached home, she almost ran over a handsome cowboy and life after that became very interesting indeed.

This is the third T D Jones book I've read and she is going from strength to strength. Her depiction of life in a small Texas town is charming. The people of Pickett, with their preoccupation with small-town gossip and petty rivalries are, I am sure, drawn from life. And the initially stormy relationship with Chase, the handsome cowboy, works as an exciting antidote to the pathos of the decline of Clare's father.
A delightful story, told with Ms Jones' usual readable style. If you love cowboys, romance and a touch of New York glamour, this is a must read.



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