Haunting Miss Trentwood - The Seance [ePub]

by Belinda Kroll

This is an extra chapter used solely to introduce readers to Belinda Kroll’s HAUNTING MISS TRENTWOOD universe. This chapter would have occurred between chapters four and five from HAUNTING MISS TRENTWOOD, now available.

- - -

It is 1887, the year of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. A time when the British Empire is at its strongest. A time when Spiritualism has reached validity through formal organizations employing reputable mediums, who have evidence of contacting those souls which have departed this earthly realm.

It is a time when Mary Trentwood, heroine of Haunting Miss Trentwood, must decide what to do about her beloved father, Gideon Trentwood, haunting her.

Mary Trentwood is horrified when she watches her father crawl from his grave the day of his funeral. Mistaking the newly-arrived Alexander Hartwell to be her father’s solicitor, Mary welcomes him into her home, not realizing he hunts a blackmailer.

Why is Trentwood’s ghost determined to make everyone think Mary is insane? Why is Hartwell snooping around Mary’s home rather than looking over Trentwood’s papers? Who is the blackmailer, and what are they doing in Mary’s home?



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