The Stregony Sequence Book 3 [ePub]

by Christine E. Schulze

In Wind Whisperer, Aurora is cursed with eternal invisibility—until David discovers her. David is the only person in the world besides Aurora's captor who can see her. An old Stregoni Benefici, he understands a thing or two about dark spells. But the breaking of Aurora's spell will summon an ancient enemy, throwing the two of them into a dangerous love triangle.

In Truth Gazer, Sarah travels to Lisallight for the first time. She finds herself involved in a deadly mystery and must quickly learn that looks are not always what they seem. Can she use her gift to decipher friend from foe, real beauty from false, before more lives are lost?

Finally, in Wish Granter, Grace is given a very special gift—a gamelan, a musical instrument which, when played correctly, unleashes a genie. A genie whose origins are tied to dark secrets—and to a secret saboteur within the very castle walls. Grace must make her three wishes count if she hopes to save both the genie and her friends from a terrible fate.

These exciting stories filled with mystery and magic conclude Schulze's trilogy, The Stregoni Sequence. Sit back, prepare for adventure, and grab your magic books—there are a few last spells to be broken before the end.



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