The 11 Reasons Why Marriages Go Wrong and How to Make Yours Succeed [ePub]

by Richard Chesser

If you've ever wondered why the divorce rate is so high today, and more importantly, what the secret is to the 50% of marriages that actually DO succeed and thrive, then this is the book for you!

Sociology, anthropology, psychology and a large dose of real-life case studies, stories and a mountain of studies combine to make this an eye-opening, exciting read.

From the author of the best selling book, 12 Proven Steps to Have a Healthy Marriage, Prevent Divorce and Keep Your Romance Alive comes a fascinating new look into what exactly makes marriages work and last for a lifetime. Once you begin reading, you'll soon discover why marriages fail and how to navigate the hazards that come with such a special relationship.

This extremely well-researched and pragmatic book is geared toward three types of readers: those who are excited about getting married one day, those who are currently married, and those who have children who will get married sometime soon.

Whether you're just starting out or you want to know how to save a marriage, The 11 Reasons Why Marriages Go Wrong and How to Make Yours Succeed will surely help you to better your marriage or help you provide marriage advice for those who would like to tie the knot someday.



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