The Shroud Codex [ePub]

by Jerome R. Corsi

I liked the story a lot, and actually learned quite a bit about the Shroud of Turin. If you like Dan Brown's novels (Da Vinci Code), you will probably like this one too. They are the same genre and remind me of each other.

The reason I feel this book deserves 2 stars is because Mr. Corsi clearly skipped the part where someone edits his work before it's published. There are so many typos, it's ridiculous. And not just punctuation typos, but words are switched around, and in more than a few places, names are reversed such that it takes a moment to stop and figure out what Mr. Corsi REALLY meant to say. I actually started thinking that parts of this book would be good to use in my classroom (I'm a reading teacher)—the kids could read different paragraphs and then have to fix the errors. It could be a great comprehension lesson.



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