On The Road [ePub]

by Lucy Nolan

I love Down Girl and Sit.They are two dogs that live in neighboring houses and this is a collection of stories about them, as narrated by Down Girl.Down Girl lives with her master, Rruff, and loves it when they go out for a drive.In the first story, Down Girl and Sit and their masters go to the beach and get into all sorts of mischief.They get pulled over on the way because Down Girl keeps kissing the back of Rruff’s head and he keeps swerving into traffic.While at the beach Down Girl and Sit manage to get the car stuck in the sand, roll in some terrible smells (delightful!), bury a ball that belongs to someone else, and eat their masters’ doughnuts.Later, Down Girl and Rruff go camping together – with similar results (bad), and finally Down Girl has to go to the vet.I laughed continuously as I read Down Girl’s tales.They will make perfect sense to any dog lovers, and young readers will enjoy the hilarious places Down Girl takes them.If you aren’t giggling at some point, you’re doing it wrong!

We hadn’t gone very far when I saw Here Kitty Kitty.Here Kitty Kitty is the cat that lives behind me.I don’t like cats.They never stay in their own yards.They are very sneaky and they touch all my stuff.

I leaned into the front seat.I started barking at Here Kitty Kitty.

“Down, Girl!”

Ruff elbowed me, and I fell off my seat.I’m sure it was an accident.I didn’t want Rruff to feel bad about it, so I put my paws on the back of his seat.I kissed him.

Rruff slammed on the brakes.

“Down, Girl!”

He can call me all he wants, but I’m not going to join him in the front seat.It would be rude to leave Sit.



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