Legacy of Evil (Bionicle Legends, #4) [ePub]

by Greg Farshtey

Wow... Awesome! Another book written by Greg Farshtey. This is easily one of the best things that I've ever read. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good story. It tells the story of what the Piraka were before they joined together and called themselves the Piraka. This book tells the tale of how they had met, why they started searching for the mask of life, how they found out about it, and some of their other past endeavors. It even tells the story of the mysterious seventh Piraka, Vezon. I also found it pretty cool how they had worked together with the villains of some of the other Bionicle chronicles. As all of the other books, you really need to know the world of Bionicle to understand half of the things that they talk about. This book is an action-packed adventure full of mystery and a whole lot of evil. It's one of the few Bionicle books that aren't about toa. This one's actually about the bad guys for once. So that's pretty neat. So that's what I think of it. Assuming that you want to read it, I hope you think the same.



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