Cold Recall [ePub]

by Roald Amundsen

Cold recall combines the complete texts of Roald Amundsen's lectures about his expedition to the South Pole (1910-12) with the original hand-coloured lantern slides he used to illustrate his lectures. Together they offer a unique insight into how Amundsen presented his expeditions when face to face with an international audience. They also provide the first pictorial account of his successful expedition to the South Pole.

The book includes background information about many of the episodes that Roald Amundsen describes, all too briefly, in his lectures. It also adds further detail about some of the many slides printed in the book, but not specially mentioned in this manuscripts.

Roald Amundsen's lecture tours and the money he made from the publishing rights for his written accounts and expedition photos were a very important source of income for both his own - and the expeditions' - -finances. In order to settle his accounts and fund further expeditions, Amundsen spent a great deal of time negotiating the tours and preparing the lectures. After the expedition to the South Pole, he held more than 175 lectures in Great Britain and the USA alone.



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