Prey For Wings [ePub]

by Aubrea Summer

One of the brightest cities in the country is about to go dark, and everyone is going to die screaming.
Three nights in a row, the city of Las Vegas has been under siege by insects that block out the light, leaving no surface uncovered, trapping people in their homes and inciting mass panic. Things are about to get worse. When city officials call for a specialist to intervene, the solution seems logical. There are millions of moths being drawn to the brightest city in the desert. The answer is easy. Turn off the lights. Blanket the city in darkness and the pests will clear out.
There's only one way to find out.

Something else is waiting in the night, riding the currents of shadows in the sky, now hunting a much larger prey than it is used to.
Valorie has seen what it is capable of, barely escaping with her life. Can she stop them before it's too late, before they turn off the power and release the ultimate evil?
Hell comes winged to take it away.



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