Ain't Nobody Got Time For That [ePub]

by Beverly Taylor

Be prepared to fasten a seat belt when you are about to read "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT," a powerhouse novel, simply because this book might just blow you away.

Beverly Taylor's primary setting is based in and around the Hotlanta area and it is indeed the appropriate place for this sizzler. The multifaceted scenario will take you through perplexing scenes that are unbelievably diverse, eclectic and dysfunctional, without question. However, the novel begins in Cottonplant, Georgia in 1963, where you meet the low-down Big Blue, an ignorant, perverted, treacherous and corrupt old man. Blue happens to be the father of several children by different women, one of which is his faithful and dutiful wife, Miss Lilly. She is a hardworking woman, who is employed as a domestic worker in the home of some white folks. As a God-fearing woman, she takes very good care of her family and assumes the role of Pastor of the local Holiness church after the death of her mother.

Another complex character surfaces, District Attorney Nick Papally, who happens to be deeply involved with the criminal activity of one of his Black clients.

Many sinister and vile occurrences take place within the story such as the innocence of incest, adultery, prostitution, murder and deadly violence. The characters are confronted with continuous accounts of sheer madness due to their perfidious and wretched lifestyles, primarily refocusing on Blue and the way he lived.

This shocking and tragic saga will keep you wanting more, more and even more. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT will actually take your breath away or keep you on the edge of the seat, so be prepared to say "Wow!!!" at the end of this reading journey.



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