American Steel [ePub]

by Richard Preston

The book is well written and engaging as it tells the story of how a steel company built a revolutionary new manufacturing plant in the middle of an Indiana cornfield. The narrative style is compelling and immediate, using a novelist's flair to make the people and events come alive. You really do come to care about the company and its David vs. Goliath quest to best the giants of the world steel industry at their own game.

However, it feels a little thin. There are long sections which are spent talking about the history of the company, different products it made over the past 100 years, and the biographical details of the various men who ran it, or who nearly ran it into the ground. These are engaging in their own way, but they make the book feel like a long magazine article that has been fleshed out to book length.

There's quite a bit of technical information on steel making, as you might expect. It's all discussed in layman's terms, which makes it accessible, but even for someone interested in the subject, it's a bit esoteric.



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