The Turtle and the Monkey [ePub]

by Paul Galdone

This is one of those fables that doesn't really seem to convey very useful lessons.It is supposed to be an "outwitting" type story but since the turtle did all the work and ended up with nothing more than she started with she doesn't seem too clever to me. Monkey is a complete asshole but he got the bananas. Maybe the moral should be that once someone has proven to be an idiot or jerk once, don't have more to do with them? But that doesn't seem to be the message emphasized in the text.

Also, and I'm just wondering here, can you actually grown a banana tree from a root after hacking off the top half of the plant? The sites I looked at don't specify that you can't, but they say to plant a sucker (which is from the root, so maybe the root would also work?) but show ones with leaves in the pictures.

Apparently turtles are better gardeners than I am.



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