Antidotes For An Alibi [ePub]

by Amy King

Amy King’s poems think in association, evoking a world familiar but entirely unexpectable. Next to us all this turns and spins: under the veil of hum and drum is the paradise of possibility. This is a poetry of hope for a world shrouded by nearly and almost.
— Charles Bernstein

I like the way the poems in Antidotes for an Alibi seem to turn on their axes. Their wit is gone before you know it, but the metaphysical effect transports
you a considerable distance, where you find yourself happy to be pleasantly addled. — Ron Padgett

Amy King's poems leap from small, fragile moments into grand gesture and godly vision. Her snapshots of downtown folklore connect on the most basic, truthful level. "If I were you, I would wait for me," King writes. I advise you to do what she says.
—Daniel Nester

At play in the displaced language of "elsewhere," the poems in Amy King's first book, Antidotes for an Alibi, offer a new kind of truth-telling: "I'm
learning to give disappearance an honesty," she writes. "A patchwork seamstress" with "light's
residue on my tongue," she "sing(s) along with the exacting world and its inner tin-heart difference." These poems are remarkable for their ironic wit, their bemused (and amusing) self-awareness, their fresh look at how we ab/use words, and are used by them. —L.S. Asekoff



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