Diary of the One Swelling Sea [ePub]

by Jill McCabe Johnson

Living on Orcas Island, Jill McCabe Johnson is a close neighbor to the sea. In her briny poems, she takes us even closer—letting us read the sea's diary. From sea ground to surface, we see the intimate, inside story. Careful observation, precise research, musical phrasing, and active imagining surge through these poems. Ninety-five percent of earth's oceans remain unexplored. What better metaphor for the vast mysteries of our existence—the constant change, the contamination, the resurgence, the essence of life and death. In these elegant poems, forces huge as magma shove up and forces delicate as brittle stars taste changes in sea water.Marvelous.
– Peggy Shumaker
Author of Gnawed Bones and Just Breathe Normally

In beautifully shaped, undulant, brief poems (or, one might call them entries in a daybook, bejeweled moments, cries from the heart) Jill McCabe Johnson asserts that the world, specifically the sea, is powerfully alive and available to us by way of the imagination. With precise and lyrical language both scientific and newly created for the occasion, Johnson faces the pain of degradation, yet also celebrates the joyous, nurturing nature of the sea. Diary of the One Swelling Sea is an intimate portrait of elements-become-flesh, rendered by a consciousness and heart large enough, and generous enough, to face the complexity of hard truths.
– Lia Purpura
Author of Rough Likeness and King Baby

I’m in awe of what Jill McCabe Johnson has accomplished with this gorgeous, stunning book!These brief and modest poems invite the reader into the wise, yet innocent mind of the Sea who pines for his night mistress Mirror (the moon), and watches over his sea creature lovelies that dwell deep in the One Swelling Sea.
– David Huddle
Author of Glory River and Black Snake at the Family Reunion



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