The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology [ePub]

by Bruce Elliott Johansen

Comprehensive in scope and accessible to all reader levels, "The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology" covers a vast range of topics, concepts, issues, processes, and scientists sifted and melded from the many scientific and technological fields that converge on the subject of global warming, including atmospheric chemistry, paleoclimatology, biogeography, oceanography, geophysics, glaciology, and soil science. The encyclopedia's 300 up-to-the-minute entries sweep from Antarctic Oscillation to Thermohaline Circulation; from Hadley Cells to Hydrogen Fuel Cells; from Methane 'Burp' Hypothesis to Ocean Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide; from Contrails to Contrarians; from Christianity and Global Warming to Cuckoo, Decline in Great Britain; from Shoreline Retreat: Beaches, United States of America to Skiing Industry and Icemelt; from War, Carbon Footprint of to Thunderstorms and Tornadoes, Frequency and Severity of; from Wave Power and Shipping to Wine Grapes and Warming.

In this two-volume encyclopedia, Bruce Johansen digests the explosion of scientific work on global warming that has been published since 1980 and marshals it under 300 headings in clear and palatable language. "The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology" is the indispensable standard reference work on global warming for students of all levels and for general readers. Its audience includes everybody on the planet, for the findings of global warming science constrain our choices today to secure our common future. This encyclopedia is also useful for many different types of professionals, inasmuch as global warming science informs public policy debates, applied science, and technology in such fields as energy generation, architecture, engineering, and agriculture.



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