Mastering Mischief [ePub]

by Leila Brown

Four women with special powers — it’ll take a special brand of man to tame them!

Soundwave is a Super who can bring down any man with her voice alone. And she’s going to make sure General Pane pays up. But Pane has a score of his own to settle…

Soundwave’s sisters are searching the galaxy to find her. Mirage has spent her life hiding behind her power to create illusions, shielding her heart from pain. But when their search for Soundwave casts the sisters as unwilling participants in a mating ritual for manticores, illusions will do them little good.

For Mischief, growing up with the power to move objects with her mind has been both a blessing and a curse. But when the twin beasts from Yarthax break through her defenses she’ll learn that handing over control could be her most thrilling adventure yet.

Jetstream’s a Super who can manipulate water in some extreme ways. He’s also an assassin for hire. His latest target, Domino, is almost his. The question is, once he catches her, will he ever be able to let her go?



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