Meet Me Halfway [ePub]

by Javan

Many people complain life never gave them any chances. We are given life we must take the chances.

It's interesting what we can find when we take the occasional closer look. I found three of the books in this series while glancing through the poetry section at a local Barnes & Noble, tucked next to a Norton Critical edition of Paradise Lost. I glanced through several of the writings in each, bought all three and had B&N order me the fourth.

This is one of a series of four books by the author Javan that are themed collections of poetry and the author's thoughts. Each of the books is filled with poetry that is, many times, melodramatic, sounding so much like social media status updates, or those silly artificial 'inspirational' placards that you find in kitchens, though there are quite a few writings that have just that extra slice of truth that leaves it ringing in your mind several hours after you've read it.

I've often wondered and racked my brain but I guess I'll just never know, why one person looks and sees the rain while another is seeing a rainbow.



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